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Borrowing Information


Need to get a library card? Please click here to fill out the online form to get you started. 

Any Holden resident (or any Massachusetts resident determined to be in good standing at his or her home library) may use and borrow materials from the library free of charge. Items that confirm residency include, but are not limited to:

-a valid MA driver’s license, which displays current address
-a valid government issued ID (e.g. passport, military ID)
-bank statement issued within the last 60 days
-utility bill issued within the last 60 days
-property tax receipt


Library cards are issued for a two-year period.  Anyone aged 6 and older may register for a card.  Replacements for lost or damaged cards are $1.  Key cards are also available.

The loan period is 3 weeks for most materials. Magazines, DVDs, and high demand 7-day book titles have a 1 week loan period.  Popular new book titles have a 2 week loan period (14 Days). All remaining new book titles (book, audio, graphic novel, YA) are on a 3 week loan period.

Materials can be renewed for one additional loan period (books for 2-3 more weeks, DVDs and magazines for 1 more week). 7-day books cannot be renewed.  First-time borrowers may take out 5 items. Borrowers may take out 8 DVDs per household. There are always special limits on juvenile materials per subject and a limit of 2 encyclopaedias per household.

Service charges for overdue materials are as follows: 

  • All materials (excluding DVDs) are 10 cents per day to a maximum of $3 per item.
  • DVDs are $1 per day to a maximum of $5 per item.

Patrons will be charged the original purchase price for lost or damaged items.

There are a couple options avaiable to patrons who are interested in using library digital materials only. Both our local network CW Mars and the Boston Public library offer digital e-card services. Follow the links for further information.